In PLEASE DON’T BE WAITING FOR ME, author Todd Stadtman introduced Scott, Bridge, Micah, and Benny, a tightknit band of teenage punk rockers whose loyalty is tested when one of their number is falsely charged with murder. In that book’s sequel, SO GOOD IT’S BAD, he picks up with those characters for another adventure that is every bit as terrifying, suspenseful and unexpectedly hilarious as the first.

SO GOOD IT’S BAD catches up with Scott and Micah as they are wrapping up a zero-budget DIY tour with their band Fist Music. At their last show, Scott becomes violently ill and awakes to find himself a virtual prisoner of a deranged super fan and her equally unbalanced mom. It is up to Bridge, Benny, Micah and Scott’s father to find and rescue him. Their efforts will be complicated by the exploits of a narcissistic serial killer called The Jackpot Killer.

SO GOOD IT’S BAD will be the second novel in what will be a trilogy, called the SF PUNK TRIO, with the third novel, DAYS OF MIDNIGHT releasing sometime in 2019.

PLEASE DON’T BE WAITING FOR ME, since it’s April 2017 release, has been widely praised by, among others, these people:

“Captures the unique, bitter pathos—and dark comedy—of a vanished world: Bay Area youth culture at the dawn of the Reagan era.”

-Andrew O’Hehir, Executive Editor, SALON.COM

“A slamming séance summoning early Eighties San Francisco, a never-never land of mosh pits, thrift shopping, divorced dads, police raids, and white punks on dope.”


“PLEASE DON’T BE WAITING FOR ME is terrific. Simultaneously touching and nail-biting”


“Gritty and engaging.”


“Captures the fun, desperation, grime, confusion, and joy of being a teen punk weirdo.”


TODD STADTMAN is a musician-turned-author whose books include Funky Bollywood: The Wild World of 1970s Indian Action Cinema and the novel Please Don’t Be Waiting For Me. He is also the author of the blog Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill! and a regular contributor to the perennial cult cinema website Teleport City. He has also contributed to Famous Monsters, The Times of India, and The World Directory of Cinema, as well as the websites io9, Mondo Macabro, The Cultural Gutter, and Monster Island Resort. He currently lives in Oakland, California.